User Guide

A sound empirical analysis based on HFCS data needs to take into account the survey′s design features (such as sampling design and sample household weights). The HFCS in Austria was conducted in line with state-of-the-art methodology to ensure the highest possible data quality for scientific analysis.

The User Guide provided by the OeNB is meant to facilitate the first steps with the HFCS data and to enable researchers to use the data effectively from the start. The User Guide was developed in Stata© and includes information on how to prepare the data provided by the ECB for estimations, how to take the multiple imputations and the survey design of the HFCS into account, and gives simple examples for estimations based on the data.

For more detailed information about the User Guide for the first wave of the HFCS in Austria, see chapter 9 of the methodological notes for Austria. For the do-file, see the online appendix to this publication.